The prison already hosts murderers, thieves, rapists, and kidnappers, and there is a boss of all of them in the dungeon whom they all fear. The same is the story of Peter Scully, who committed the darkest sins on the dark web.

In 2015, Peter Gerard Scully, an Australian criminal, was arrested in the Philippines on charges of making and selling child pornography videos on the internet. But this is not all; his crimes are so atrocious that a weak-hearted would faint out. One might have never heard of such a brutish pedophile.

Peter Scully was born in Melbourne, Australia, in January 1963. Scully had a wife and two children, and they lived happily in a Melbourne suburb. Scully held a low profile, not revealing much about his criminal mind. As life took turns, Scully left his family and shifted to Melbourne, where his crimes started nurturing.

He ran a mortgage scam that defrauded a total of 20 investors of millions of dollars. Scully was so desperate for money that he started pimping his teenage girlfriend. Scully was red-flagged by the Australian investigation authorities, so he fled from the country and settled in the Philippines.

He started an international pedophile ring focused on videos of children being sexually exploited and tortured. He also created “No Limits Fun,” a company from which he live-streamed these videos on the dark web. Scully aimed for impoverished parents to help their kids with the promise of food and education.

Scully was allowed to take the children with him by their parents, who wished for a bright future for their children. He feasted on the helpless and vulnerable. Carme Ann and Liezyl Margallo were his accomplices in finding victims. These two women also featured in Scully’s disturbing videos.

His video “Daisy’s Destruction,” which he sold on his site to subscribers for up to $10,000, was reportedly hard to be believed true by the investigators. Unfortunately, it was. The multi-part video released in 2012 is so extreme that it was once considered an urban legend. Hanging an 18-month-old upside down as Scully and his accomplices raped and tortured her was featured in one of his films.

Meanwhile, Scully’s violent videos drew in the interest of another Australian pedophile, 22-year-old Mathew David Grahm. Mathew David, popularly known as Lux, operated “hurt2the core”, one of the dark web’s popular hits. Matthew Graham, who had access to Scully’s most notorious videos, eventually marketed and published them to expand his company. It immediately drew the attention of law enforcement and the media due to the offensive material.

The Dutch National Child Abuse Team was the first to investigate to track down the victims. An international search for those responsible for the video’s development was initiated as a result. Scully was finally detained in Malaybalay City, Philippines, on February 20, 2015. Six warrants for his arrest were released by police, all related to the kidnapping and sexual assault of the two cousins.

Investigators discovered the three primary victims’ fates in Daisy’s Devastation while looking for Scully in the Philippines. Liza and Daisy were found to be alive, but Daisy’s treatment had been so brutal that she sustained irreversible physical injuries.

Had goosebumps? This wicked man did not stop here. Cindy, an eleven-year-old girl, was reportedly murdered by Scully. The girl was raped and tortured before being strangled to death with a cord, and she was forced to dig her own grave. Scully, according to Margallo, videotaped himself murdering Cindy.

Scully faced a total of 75 charges, including sexually assaulting 75 children, according to German television news channel n-tv. Four men, including German Christian Rouche, Filipinos Alexander Lao and Althea Chia, and Brazilian Haniel Caetano de Oliveira, were charged with assisting in creating his pornography.

When Scully was to face the consequences of his doings, a suspicious fire broke out in the evidence room. The proofs were all against Scully, including computer logs and recordings, which were destroyed in the fire. Some speculate that Scully bribed a local policeman, as corruption was rampant in the Philippines back in the days.

However, even without that testimony, the case against him was strong enough. The videos, according to Ruby Malanog, one of the lawyers suing Peter Scully, were the most devastating thing she had ever seen. Despite Scully’s claims of remorse, his actions did not reflect his words.

Before his accomplice Margallo was captured, he most likely continued his dark web empire by exchanging phone calls and texts with her. Scully was sentenced to life in prison in June 2018, although it is unclear if this was sufficient punishment for his committed heinous crimes.


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