You would have heard about tons of robbery cases. But there’s one that stands out from every other burglary case in the world. The reason for this uncanny characteristic is a mother-daughter duo who turned the tables on the suspected robber. The apt presence of mind aided this duo in cunningly trapping the criminal.

They portrayed what girl power and true feminism are. The mental toughness and physical strength of the duo helped them in escaping a disastrous event in their lives.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”
—Nora Ephron

This quotes rightly states what a woman should strive to do. Declaring oneself helpless and falling in the feet of the situation is not what the women of current times do. Fighting against any wrongs and standing up for themselves is the need of the hour. Stereotyping women as the “weak and mild sector of society” has been proved wrong by the heroes of this story. This true incident of Oklahoma will present numerous lessons to learn from.

The story is about a family-owned liquor shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was robbed at gunpoint. The heart-stopping incident took place at the Forest Acres Liquor store on 22nd February 2018.

Just like any other normal working days, the ladies were working when a masked man entered their store brandishing a sawed-off shotgun. He was armed and dangerous and asked the duo to give him all the cash they have.

Ashley Lee, the 30-year-old daughter opens the cash register with her hands up and the robber helps himself to take out all the cash. It looked like he was about to get away with it but as soon as the robber turned around to flee, the duo grabbed their handguns. What happens next is the smartest move anyone could make in that situation. Ashley quietly activated the store’s security system which would trap the robber between two sets of doors. In theory, the thief would have been trapped between 2 glass doors but unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned.

The door on the inside failed to close quickly enough. The outside door was locked which prevented the thief from getting out but allowed him full access to the store. This was a critical situation as Ashley and her mother Tina ring were now trapped inside with the armed criminal. This situation could easily turn fatal.

On witnessing his entrapment, he turned back and wrestled with the duo. Tina aims and fires multiple rounds. The glass door of the store cracked and Tina took another shot. The robber is now shot in the leg and limping but he won’t give up.

He punches his way through the broken glass in order to reach the duo. The robber succeeds in wrestling the gun away from Tina, pistol whips her, and then tries to get on to her daughter. Now it was Ashley’s turn to fire in order to protect her mother. It was a struggle between life and death.

The robber pulls the trigger on Ashley firing at point-blank range. By some miracle, the gun ran out of ammo, and just like a movie scene, Ashley shot the robber. He fell behind the counter and Ashley and Tina flee unharmed. The mother and daughter fighting for their lives finally ran out of the store to safety. The police came by to appreciate the duo for their brave efforts and courage.

Post this traumatic incident, Tina stated that Ashley would no longer work in the store. As for the suspect, he is Tyron Lee, a 36-year-old man. Lee went to a nearby hospital in critical condition due to all the gunshots he survived. He had multiple gunshot wounds on his body.

Lee was in a medically induced coma till he recovered. As soon as he recovered he was booked at the Tulsa County Jail on multiple charges of robbery with a firearm. According to jail records, he was also charged for operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Police have also tied him to a string of 10 other robberies in the area beginning in the month of January. Tyron Lee was scheduled to appear in the court on 8 March 2018. Also, he was held on a $1 million bond.

The CCTV footage of the store was obtained and a terrifying, horrifying, and heart-stopping video of the incident went viral. It could have gone really ugly but these two showed extreme bravery and courage and saved their lives.

This overpowering incident affected their lives to a great level and left them in trauma. These women are a source of inspiration for everyone and we must learn that no matter what happens, we are responsible for our own safety.

One must never give up in times of difficulty. This incident also teaches the importance of unity and family and how a family sticks together in times of struggles.

Kudos to the duo.


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