As we dig deeper into the facts and figures related to vampires’ existence, we take one last step towards the final question that sums it all up; is it time to normalize the existence of Vampires?

The facts we’ve come across not just prove their existence in medieval times but also in the current modern society. In fact, the current modern era has shown countless significant pieces of evidence about vampires. Whether the vampires are willing to reveal their identity to the world is still questionable.

We are surrounded by more than 5,000 Vampires in the present time, and this is just the number of those who came out and admitted to their reality. How many exactly are there? That is to yet be determined. The uncertainty exists as vampires feel insecure about opening up due to the evident fear of clichés and the stereotypes in society. In all honesty, even if they were to exist, the unpredictability of our society makes it hard for vampires to let go of their insecurities and open up to the world.

In recent times, however, vampires are gradually being accepted into society as the research and interviews have helped clear most of the assumptions and misconceptions human beings had developed regarding vampires. The basic acknowledgment of existence was already placed in the minds of human beings due to the increasing interest of people. Moreover, the efforts of writers, sociologists, psychologists, researchers, government authorities, and the cinematic world played a vital role in moulding the actions and intentions of our society.

The cinematic world has tremendously helped in building a better image of the vampires though it cannot be neglected that vampires were often displayed as callous beings. Twilight alone really made a positive impact as it showed the Cullens vampires being friends with human beings. After the series received appreciation worldwide, similar efforts followed.

The establishment of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) is also a massive development. This Alliance has offered freedom to the vampires where they can socialize and communicate to the world and convey their message for peace. The founder “Merticus” has made serious efforts towards the development of a better image of vampires. The Sanguinarians/Psychic/Hybrids & others are welcomed into AVA.

AVA also sponsors and contributes to the research, sociological and psychological experiments involving the self-identifying vampires. AVA works with sociologists, researchers, psychologists, doctors, law enforcement agencies, and any other elements involved in the efforts to learn more about vampires.

The efforts have been successful as the transfusion of blood for vampires is now done through the fulfilment of protocols. There is a medical procedure for blood donation where the willingness of the donor is an important factor. The procedure also involves the assessment of whether the donor has other blood-borne diseases which might not be good for the recipient (vampires). Also, the transfusion of blood is now done under the supervision of a medical nurse with the proper paperwork to follow.

Med Sangs are also increasing as there are numerous medical personnel claiming to be vampires. Although they claim that they do not have any interest in whether the vampires were or even are real, they simply believe that drinking blood has some amazing benefits. It is suggested that a dosage of six to seven glass shots every day would make their digestive system wonderful. Similarly, there are many other Med Sangs that promote the drinking of human blood. These are just some of those facts through which we can say that the existence of vampires has to be normalized as they no longer pose a threat to human beings.

Vampires have evolved and have become a part of society. Just as human beings, they are contributing towards further development and betterment of not just their own kind, but for humans as well. Henceforth, it is pertinent to acknowledge and embrace them openly to make sure that the ones insecure reveal their identity as well without any harm and harmony would prevail.

Finally, a response to the general question of whether to accept and normalize vampires in the real world would be; Yes! A definite Yes! Keeping in view the aspects through which we have analysed almost everything relating to the vampires, there is no consequence in accepting them as a community and a part of modern society.


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