The Literary World is full of surprises as it opens doors to a world full of history and literature. With the visions, feelings, and emotions of writers, we are able to look at vampires and their gothic culture from the naked eye.

The first effort was made in the early 18th Century when the first poetry became a figure of gothic fiction. With the publication of Polidori’s “The Vampyre” in the early 19th Century, multiple efforts followed thirty years later by different pieces of literature. Penny Dreadful Varney The Vampyre (1847); the tale of a lesbian Vampire, Carmilla (1872) written by Sheridan Le Fan, and last but not the least, the masterpiece of Bram Stoker which took the reader community by storm upon publication in 1897: Dracula.

There are plenty of novels and articles for the joyous book readers who prefer the content revolving around vampires. Apart from Anne Rice and Bram Stoker, Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin & I Am Legend by Richard Matheson were all exceptional pieces of art in literature. However, the world of literature in this genre is endless. 

In the 21st Century, there have been thousands of movies and television series in Hollywood alone, but only a few have been able to catch the attention of the audience. Among those few is Twilight. Twilight portrays the war between the human friendly vampires (Cullens) who prefer to survive by ingesting animal blood against the other part of the vampire community (Newborns) which was somewhat against the whole ethical boundary of Cullens.

In this quest, the Cullens were backed by the Werewolves. Every sequel of Twilight has been a strong favorite of the viewers along with Underworld, Day Breakers, 30 Days of Night, Van Helsing & Dracula Untold as well as The Priest. 

Among the television series, The Vampire Diaries shares the top spot with The Originals. Other most watched and liked series include True Blood, Supernatural, Preacher, Van Helsing, and many more.

It is true that the evolution has also led to the creation and adoption of the “gothic culture” by the human beings. During the first decade of 21st Century, there was a huge surge observed in the adoption of “gothic punk” culture by human beings, especially in adults which later transcended to the teenagers. The gothic punk culture had become a lifestyle and an obsession as such that they are inclined to adopt everything associated to it. 

The Gothic culture took birth in the United Kingdom in the 1980’s. Though the strings of this culture are attached to the 18th Century, it still remains blurry. The gothic culture was derived from a post-punk music genre. It is the actual opposite of romanticism as the people obsessed with the gothic culture assume that it portrays there predilections.

The predilections include the obsession with a dark personality, ghosts or it is just somewhat exotic to the ones who like it. An eagerly awaited and cherished cultural event is the Halloween. Though the theme of Halloween is not at all associated to the Gothic culture, but this is the event where you would see most of the people having costumes inspired by the vampires.

Lastly, the answers to the culture, history, customs, traditions, norms and whatnot; everything will be answered and shown to you in Romania. Romania profits a lot from its successful vampire industry where thousands of visitors and enthusiasts visit every year to learn more about their favorite topic, for research, movies or just for recreation. 

Every year there are festivals, annual events you can attend and even there is a blood drinking ritual performed to provide a live essence of the vampire culture. From the ancient vampire history to the modern world, you can find anything you yearn about vampires in Romania. If you want to learn more about the cultures, history or any sorts of information about the vampires, Romania is the answer to all your questions. Last but not the least, a stay in Transylvania would give you a real vibe because of its popularity and value.  

With all that we’ve learned about the existence of vampires, do you think it’s finally time to normalize their existence?  


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