Do aliens exist? If they do, what do they look like? Can they speak? What do they eat? These are just a couple of the questions all of the human race has been asking for decades. And up till now, there has been nothing short of uncertainty on the part of scientists and non-scientists alike.

Some people could swear with their lives that they have encountered extraterrestrial life while some are on the opposite end of the spectrum and believe there is no possibility of alien life. However, there are a couple of reasons why we believe that aliens could exist. So we will give you five reasons why it is very possible that extraterrestrial life does exist, and it becomes up to you to decide whether or not you believe that there is life outside of earth.

1. Sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs): Even though a vast majority of the UFO sightings by people are believed to be fake, there is too much of a pattern and consistency between the stories to simply overlook them all. There is a large number of people who believe that aliens exist as well as several people who say they have come in contact with these beings. And listening to them describe their encounters, you might believe they are all talking about the same thing because of the similarities in their stories.

UFO-Meersburg This suggests that there may well be some truth in what they are saying and if that is true, then aliens not only exist, but they have already made contact. There is evidence throughout history that people have seen unidentified flying objects. For example, in “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, a 15th-century painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio, there is a disc-shaped object in the air, which is quite similar to what people nowadays say they saw.

There are also several old manuscripts and cave paintings that seem to suggest that there is alien life and these images also look very similar to sightings that have been reported recently. 

2. Animals living in extreme conditions: It is widely believed that a place needs to be in a particular condition for it to be habitable for organisms, which is why the earth is perfect for us as human beings. But some organisms can live and thrive in extreme conditions here on earth. In places where it was believed that no creatures on earth could survive, creatures have indeed been found.

Adult tardigrade Organisms like tardigrades can withstand pressure six times greater than the pressure at the bottom of the ocean and even go without eating for over ten years. Some organisms even live in extremely hot and cold regions that seem inhospitable for any life form. If organisms can live in such conditions, then it is very possible that life could exist on some of the planets that have been discovered even if they look inhabitable to humans at the moment. 

3. Area 51: What is area 51 and why is it so heavily guarded? The United States government stands by its statement that Area 51 is just another Air Force base but this declaration has been nothing short of controversial. And rather than people believing what the Government had to say, there has only been a monumental rise in the number of conspiracy theories created by people about what they believe is in Area 51.

Wfm x51 area51 warningsign There was even set to be a raid of Area 51 by normal citizens in September 2019 to uncover what exactly goes on inside. The government has come under fire numerous times to reveal what goes on in Area 51, and in 2013, they finally declassified the documents relating to Area 51. It might be no coincidence, however, that “Area 51” has been raised almost every time alien life is discussed.

4. Numerous irregular occurrences: Apart from the several UFO and Alien sightings that people report they have experienced, there is a very substantial occurrence that garnered a lot of attention after it happened. This is the event that took place near Roswell, New Mexico in the year 1947. An object seemed to have crash-landed in that area and the Government dismissed it saying it was just a weather balloon.

However, several people say they saw pieces of the ship as well as alien corpses being removed from it. These could all be fabricated, but it is fascinating to note that a retired CIA Agent stated in 2012, that what crashed did not come from this planet. Another strange incident was during the Apollo 11 mission. Three days into the mission, the astronauts noticed an object that seemed to be moving, about 6,000 miles away from their location.

Due to leaked documents, it was later revealed that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong saw two large spacecrafts while they were on the moon and there was even a two-minute period of radio silence which made many people believe NASA blocked the public from hearing what was going on. Quite a number of retired NASA engineers have even come out to say that there have been several unusual incidents that have taken place in space which have all been kept quiet.

5. The other planets in the universe: There has been a discovery of about 4000 planets in the universe with more being discovered regularly. The universe is so large, that scientists say there could be around 100 to 130 billion galaxies across it. And some of these planets seem to be very earth-like in their composition and structure, with some of them even boasting the presence of water.

This points to the fact that there might just be alien life in some of these planets. And who knows, in a couple of years, humans might occupy some of these planets and possibly even encounter aliens there. Elon Musk is one person who is trying everything possible to get humans to colonize other planets and it does not look that much of an impossible feat anymore.

With these reasons that have been listed, it is quite easy to believe that aliens do exist. But if you still doubt their existence, you might be in for a huge shock if they do eventually make contact with us here on earth.


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