The future is unpredictable. We have no clue about how Artificial Intelligence will influence our life or how profoundly pollution will rise. We lack any definite future facts. However, we know that such uncertainties open up more opportunities. 

From the moment we wake up from our sleep to the time we go back to bed, technology is everywhere. The development of the tech world and the highly digital life we live have become the new normal. 

Let us have a roller coaster ride into the world of shocks and surprises where we will witness many bewildering and bizarre facts and technologies about the future.


Electric and autonomous, this masterpiece designed by our engineers and trained operators has facilities like remote monitoring and operational capability. It is the first completely independent all-electric vehicle to operate on the public roads. The operators can easily monitor and control the on-road pod too. How cooler can technology get?

Pic Credit – Linneakornehed

This is also very helpful and environment-friendly as it will eliminate most of the carbon dioxide and nitric oxide emissions into the air. Reduced freight costs, fewer chances of road accidents, and increased productivity by 200 percent are among the many benefits of this little friend. We encourage everyone to definitely be a part of this intelligent movement.


Ray Kurzweil asserted that somewhere around 2050, humans will become ‘God-like’ creatures as a result of tiny robotic implantations in our brains, giving us full-immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system. This unreal system will allow one to communicate by thought and backup memories just like we do on our devices! Interesting and surprising as this fact is, it will also enhance human creativity and emotions by altering our minds to function at its best version.

This technology could be the next big leap in human evolution. It will lead us to connect to the world around us without any effort and our feelings will explode clearer and louder than ever. We will be capable of sending e-mails, pictures, videos, and what not directly through our brains to the people around us. It may also lead to the multiplication of human intellect as a result of the extra brainpower provided by the Cloud.

As we all know that everything has positive as well as negative impacts, even this hi-tech consists of pros and cons. Scientists have already warned about the limited use, effectiveness, and how this could be put to some malicious use. It could be used as a means of delivering drugs to various parts and even cells of our body. Many of them are scared about the expanding use of Artificial Intelligence in our society in the coming future.


This hi-tech is a spine-chiller for sure. Do you miss the ones you’ve lost to God from your lives? Yes, you do. 

So our ingenious scientists have a great but creepy solution to this problem too. Kurzweil believes that it would be possible for humans to bring back the dead ones by using AI to its fullest capacity. This will be done by implanting nanobots into the brains of the people to extract every memory of their loved ones. AI will soon have the capability to generate a convincing virtual model of someone who’s passed on.

An exact copy of their brains will be placed in synthetic robots and hence will be able to smell, hear, and see because of the consciousness derived from the dead body. However, this will not be accepted by the religious sect of our society as they believe that Life is God’s gift, and only He is entitled to create humanity.


The major automaker Hyundai decided to level up by coming into a partnership with Uber to give out some air taxis to the market. SA-1 Hyundai Air Taxi is the designed flying cab that will be capable of ferrying four passengers at a time. Initially, it’ll be operated by a pilot but later on, this will turn into a fully autonomous vehicle. This air taxi will be a brilliant idea to get away from the normal road traffic as well as the ordinary people trapped on the earth. It is believed to fly at a cruising speed of 180 miles per hour at an elevation ranging from 1000-2000 feet. A range of up to 60 miles will be easily covered by this air taxi.

As a result of this partnership, these flying cabs will be available for bookings through the app. Talking about safety measures, the many propellers on the air taxi will help situations where if one of them stops, the others keep on working. Also, if everything goes out of function it has a parachute that will allow the air taxi to float down to the ground.

Well, it’s a long time before these take off and make our lives easier.


Just imagine a technology which tells whether you need an umbrella to go out or not, devises the best route to avoid traffic, or pops up the most peaceful park to get some fresh air. Scarcely credible, these imaginations will be the reality of our future. 

By using a network of sensors, AOT aims to develop a super-smart city wherein these sensors will be collecting real-time data about the temperature, environment, etc. It will notify you about any urban activity going on in the city. This accumulated data will further be provided to the residents and policymakers so that the city can offer stabler services. This farsighted technology has already stepped in Chicago.

Sensors are spread all across the city with mountings on light poles and traffic signals. The goal of AOT is to improve the surroundings based on the data retrieved from these sensors. For example, if you’re asthmatic, AOT will warn you about areas with low air quality index.


Have you heard about a report card which someone receives when one is born? NO, right?

Well, soon, there will be a time when a newborn will receive a report card as soon as they are born. It’s not an ordinary report card which we receive from schools. It is a DNA report which will be capable of predicting the child’s IQ, hobbies, interests, etc. Not only this, but it will also tell us about the newborn’s chances of suffering a heart attack, acquiring cancer, taking drugs, etc. This hi-tech fortune teller does its part by examining the gene pattern to make predictions. Post this, a polygenic risk score will be developed that can foretell how likely the child is to acquire any significant diseases.

However, this technology requires some polishing and advancement to enhance its precision about the prediction. It’s for sure that shortly the world will see how this tech will be the next massive step towards the advancement in public health.


How about the idea of traveling approximately 600 km in just 30 minutes? This is the present dream of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. Well, do not mistake these for time portals; these are the upcoming Hyperloops. In this super-high-speed transportation system, the passenger pods will travel within steel tubes in a partial vacuum at a maximum speed of 760 miles per hour. Hooray! That sounds like too much speed.


 This marvelous idea first popped up in the head of Elon Musk in 2012. Two years later, a company named VIRGIN HYPERLOOP ONE commenced working on this project. This in-tube transportation is based on two simple physics principles which we read in class 8th. The first one is Magnetic Levitation wherein there are two sets of magnets.

The first set helps in repelling the subway from the trail and the second one aids in moving the floating train along the track at a set velocity. The second principle works on eliminating most of the air from within the steel tubes resulting in decreased air resistance. This system will undoubtedly revolutionize the transportation system.

For a matter of fact, a site for this development has already been chosen and test trips will begin soon. After the constructions are wrapped up, this passenger pod will ferry commuters from San Francisco to LA in 35 minutes, while this journey demands 7.5 hours by train.


How about sitting back and relaxing on your way when the car drives itself? Well, don’t get shocked because this is the future of personal transportation. These extraordinary vehicles operate without any human interference which proves to be a good thing as according to a recent survey, 94% of the accidents occur due to human errors. Currently, this is being implemented by many companies one of which is TESLA. This company’s self-driven car’s employees hide camera sensors as the eyes to pilot the vehicle and keep an eye on the surroundings to avert any misadventure. This great discovery will be beneficial to unprivileged and aged people who are not capable of driving.

Cars capable of running on their own won’t ever drive in depression or anxiety, and are not even capable of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are designed to provide wider fields of view and are programmed to obey every traffic rule, while humans may sometimes fail to do so.


This out of the box invention can make copies of anything and in 3D. The building of hearing aids, jewels, and practically anything is already being done using this technology. The aim of 3D printing or additive manufacturing is to make three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The objects produced in this manner use various printing materials like plastics, powders, filaments and paper.

A design of the object is created using some special software and the 3D printer gets it into shape by adding layers of material until the desired shape of the commodity is achieved. This unusual invention is undergoing further development, post which its speed and material capabilities will be enhanced. With so much of hi-tech, this printer is surely going to shake up the manufacturing industries. Also, soon 3D food printers are going to be out in the market which will bring about a radical shift in the agricultural sector.


Do something extreme and go on a trip into space. Humans are going way beyond their reach when it comes to Commercial Space Exploration. According to Business Insider, a week in orbit will become feasible in 2050, for the very wealthy ones. It’s not something that will become cheaper anytime soon.

This will probably be the most advanced human recreational way. This is probably the most awaited tech advancement which allows one to go on a vacation in outer space. This will also open up new gateways for research and technology development.

This enhanced vacation experience has been able to convert a mere dream into a viable alternative for outer space exploration. Elon Musk’s company named SpaceX is sending two tourists around the moon and this will be the first commercial space visit. This will however be a bit more expensive than any normal vacation but who doesn’t wish for a bit of adventure?


This visionary machine makes devices to see the visual world and interpret it as any human would. Computer Vision explains how man-made machines can gain advanced level of understanding from digital images and videos. Hats off to our gleaming minds, we have not only done this but we have even surpassed this goal and now through computer vision, our machines can see things that even humans cannot spot.

These include air quality, temperature, etc. By taking into account the digital images from cameras and videos and deep learning modules, our machines will be able to accurately identify and classify various objects and also react to what they see and observe.

Recently, there have been manifolds of advancement in Computer Vision particularly in the field of image processing. This is used in self-driving cars and apart from this the filters that beautify our Instagram images are also a part of Computer Vision. 

This has now gained a position among the most flourishing technologies in the present-day world and with further developments, our computers will be able to do everything!


Remember times when you were tricked into purchasing some bogus products instead of the genuine ones? General Adversarial Networks are just like those businesspeople who are champions at producing false copies of the original and branded ones. We, in this situation, are the Discriminator network who tries to distinguish between what is fake and what’s not. The central idea following this is for the Generative model to try and dupe the Discriminative model.

It accomplishes this by producing certain commodities and perfecting its style to a point where the Discriminative model is no longer capable of detecting any differences between the fake stock and the original ones.

This technology helps mankind in various ways for example generating images from explanations, determining which medicine might cure a certain disease, extracting high-resolution images from low-resolution images, retrieving images containing a certain pattern, etc.


This unreal hi-tech is surely going to remodel the way we see the world. Mixed Reality strives to blend the virtual and the real world to produce a new environment and visualizations where both the physical as well as the digital objects are capable of co-existing and interacting in real-time. Mixed Reality blends in both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, creating a dynamic environment.

The past few decades of computing and the internet are categorized by flat screens, laptops, etc. but the rise of Mixed Reality assures that we will soon move far beyond these screens and enter a world with physical 3D space in which we live and move around. 

We all know about the game POKEMON GO. This is a suitable example of Mixed Reality where millions of people move across the world and walk miles per day just to capture the digital monsters.


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