Jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship are common, and it certainly hurts when your lover leaves you for another. However, this Moroccan woman took it to some insanely next level. After discovering that her lover planned to break up with her and marry another woman in Morocco, she flew into a violent fit and murdered him. But it doesn’t end at that.

The alleged woman cut off his private parts and concocted a traditional Arabian dish out of it. She leisurely cooked Machboos, which is a traditional Arabian dish, out of his private parts. The dish, much similar to the Indian biryani, includes rice with lots of meat.

The meat is usually chicken or, in some cases, mutton or beef. But in this particularly disturbing case, it was the genitals of that poor guy. Now you might think that this mentally deranged woman would eat this dish to complete her twisted revenge. However, this was far from what happened.

Instead of consuming the genital-infused dish, the woman gave it to other innocent people as a goodwill gesture. Residing in the UAE, she found some Pakistani construction workers and distributed her gruesome dish among them. The clueless workers, tired from a long, hard day, happily munched on the presumably tasty treat. After all, the Machboos are very popular in the Arab world as well as Bahrain. How were they supposed to know this seemingly delicious dish included man meat, or more specifically, genital meat?

After all, it is said that human meat is much similar in texture to beef but a little sweeter. Man-meat is also much softer than beef, which made this gruesome dish somehow pass off as ordinary chicken meat.

Think of those poor, clueless workers who unknowingly consumed the genitals of a murder victim. Even the thought is enough to conjure up a feeling of immense disgust and revulsion.

If you think it doesn’t get any more disturbing, you are wrong. Concocting the dish out of her lover’s privates was certainly the most revolting act, but the way she handled his body is an even more sickening story. According to the alleged woman herself, she cut the poor man’s body into small parts and fed it to the dogs.

Imagine mutilating a dead body in this manner. Only someone sinister and mentally deranged can even think about the entire ordeal, much less actually perform it.

Her lover, the poor victim, was ten years her junior. The victim was not even old enough to be classified as a man. At 20 years old, he was barely an adult. In spite of the reasonably large age difference, they had a good thing going on. Older women are stereotyped as generally more caring and attentive in relationships, maybe the poor man was baited by this notion, or maybe it was something else.

Either way, the duo was in a relationship for seven years. Quick mental math tells us that the relationship started when the victim was just 13 or 14 years of age, which is quite disturbing in itself. However, like every other normal person, the woman had planned a future with him. After all, seven years is quite a long relationship. She was basking in the dreams of becoming his bride and living happily ever after.

But her dreamy expectations were shattered when her lover announced some unpleasant news. He revealed that he wanted to marry someone else in Morocco. The woman, who was ten years his senior, flew into a seething rage and completely lost her mind. In her mentally unstable state, she murdered her lover and cut his body to tiny little pieces.

She disposed of the body so remarkably well that nobody could suspect anything out of the ordinary. All his remains were taken care of before the authorities knew of her sickening crime. In fact, she did it so shrewdly that even when the murdered man’s brother visited her apartment looking for him, he didn’t find anything suspicious.

The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was a random tooth in the blender, which might be a little disturbing, but doesn’t quite shed any light on the revolting murder and disposal of the victim’s body.

According to reports, the alleged woman has confessed to her crime and admitted the charges held against her. The reports don’t really reveal how she was caught. However, they do tell that she was eventually caught by the police and sent to a hospital for a psychological exam.

Surely a person in their right mind couldn’t even think about committing such a gruesome act. Sure, breakups hurt a great deal, but murdering your lover doesn’t tip the scale in your favor. If anything, it involves the victim haunting you forever.


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