Monday, January 18, 2021

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The myths have long been echoing in our ears about the existence of vampires. Although these myths have been rejected a number of times by science, further research into the linkage between modern-day vampires and some prominent ancient characters cannot be ignored. Here's why… Bram Stoker's famous masterpiece, Dracula as we know it today, is allegedly inspired by the character...


Joseph Carry Merrick : The Elephant Man

Joseph Carey Merrick, or the Elephant Man, was a disfigured man born on August 05, 1862, in Leicestershire, England. Joseph Carey Merrick was just...

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A peek into our MARVELOUS FUTURE.

The future is unpredictable. We have no clue about how Artificial Intelligence will influence our life or how profoundly pollution will rise. We lack...

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The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

The unfortunate episode of the Wilmington insurrection in 1898 was nothing more than an ugly truth, consciously wiped out from American history. Ironically, this...

Cassicus Marcellus Clay : The Lion of the White Hall

Remembrance is often affiliated with an extraordinary element. That was one thing that made Cassicus Marcellus Clay stand out from the crowd. This is...

Sarah Baartman : The Girl With Huge Buttocks!

The world is filled with ironic tales and unfortunate events, which sometimes are far beyond our wildest imagination. Indeed, women are employed to perform...

Sophie Scholl – The Girl who was beheaded for distributing leaflets

On 9 May 1921, Sophie Scholl was born in Forchtenberg in Germany which become a symbol of hope for many peace lovers; you probably...



The Sinister Hairy Hands

Think about driving down the country road in the darkest hour with spine-chilling surroundings, and suddenly you lose control of your wheels and something...

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