Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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As we dig deeper into the facts and figures related to vampires' existence, we take one last step towards the final question that sums it all up; is it time to normalize the existence of Vampires? The facts we've come across not just prove their existence in medieval times but also in the current modern society. In fact, the current...


Ten most uninhabitable places on earth!

When it comes to the most inhabitable places on the earth, you will find many places that are not livable for humans and animals....

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Rapex : the Anti-Rape Device.

Rapex is an anti-rape device developed by Sonette Ehlers, a medical technician from South Africa. Her invention aims to counter the rapidly growing rape...

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July 19, 2004 Lonnie Bissonnette is standing on the edge of a bridge 486 feet above from the river gushing beneath. He is with his peers for his 1100th base jump, and it will be a quadruple gainer this time. With his parachute on, he jumps from the bridge. The wind entangled the parachute lines around his legs, and he...



Peter Scully : This man raped and tortured children while streaming them live on dark web!

The prison already hosts murderers, thieves, rapists, and kidnappers, and there is a boss of all of them in the dungeon whom they all fear. The same is the story of Peter Scully, who committed the darkest sins on the dark web. In 2015, Peter...


Do Aliens Exist?? Five reasons that prove their existence

Do aliens exist? If they do, what do they look like? Can they speak? What do they eat? These are just a couple of...

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